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My musical journey kicked off at a young age. I started dancing and singing at the Johnny Young Talent School, where my love for music blossomed. Counting beats through dance and picking up the guitar in primary school, I discovered the magic of blending vocals with strings, fueling my passion.

Along the way, I snagged awards and trophies for my singing, and the fascination with DJing took hold. Exploring transitions and mixing became second nature as I delved into the world of DJing. Join me on this musical ride that began with a love for dance, evolved through singing and guitar, and now embraces the exciting world of DJing. Let’s make some beats together!

Daniel is a renowned acoustic solo singer-guitarist with a knack for delivering unforgettable, raw acoustic music that adds a magical touch to your special event. With numerous accolades under his belt, Daniel has honed his craft over the years, curating a vast repertoire that appeals to audiences of all ages.

What sets Daniel apart is his versatility. Not only does he excel as a live performer, but he also offers DJ and MC services. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors for your music needs. Daniel seamlessly transitions from live music, injecting soulful melodies into your ceremony, pre-dinner, and reception, to brining the dancefloor alive.

Daniel specialises in crafting comprehensive packages that cover the full spectrum of the event.

Lock in Daniel for your next event and transform it into a truly memorable experience. His mission is simple — to put a smile on everyone’s face and create lasting memories that you’ll cherish for years to come. Make your event extraordinary with Daniel’s musical expertise.



We are not just professionals; we are passionate artists dedicated to infusing your event with genuine enthusiasm and love for their craft. This passion translates into performances that resonate with emotion and create a truly memorable atmosphere for you and your guests.


With a successful history of over 10 years providing exceptional live music and DJ services, we have a track record of delivering memorable and enjoyable experiences for any occasion / event.


Tailoring our services to your specific preferences, we create a personalized musical atmosphere that reflects your taste and style.

Let us make your wedding a memorable one

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